Sub 600
  • Specification sheet forSubpart 2
    Analog Inputs:1 x RCA LFE, 2 x RCA Stereo
    Analog Outputs:1 x RCA Slave Out, 2 x RCA SAT Out
    Frequency Response (±3dB):18Hz – 250Hz
    Box Principle:Sealed
    High Pass Filter:Flat / 60 / 80Hz
    Low Pass Filter:50Hz -150Hz
    Phase Adjustment:0/180 degrees
    Woofer:30cm MSP
    Specification sheet for Sub part 1
    Amplifier Power:300W
    AC Power Input:100-240V 50/60Hz
    Standby Power Consumption:< 0.5W
    Maximum Power Consumption:325W
    Weight:21kg / 46lb
    Dimensions (W x H x D):350 x 370 x 420mm
     13.8 x 14.6 x 16.5in
    Dimensions with feet/grill (W x H x D):350 x 370 x 435mm
     13.8 x 14.6 x 17in

Bass that works for you

You can connect the Sub 600 to any stereo preamp or AV receiver, and fine-tune the crossover point for maximum performance

The Dynaudio Sub 600’s high-performance 300W amplifier powers the 30cm driver in a sealed cabinet. It’s designed to deliver serious weight, authority, punch and power for those critical thunderous movie moments, but remain supple, precise and musical enough to bring something extra to stereo music on your hi-fi.

It can connect to any AV receiver or stereo preamp, and you can fine-tune the satellite speakers’ crossover point (flat, 60Hz or 80Hz) via a selectable high-pass filter to ensure seamless integration with the rest of your system, whatever size or configuration you’re using.

And because the sub takes the real heavy lifting away from the other speakers in your set-up, they can do their job under less low-frequency strain – meaning even better midrange performance and improved soundstaging.

You can even link more than one sub together in a master/slave configuration. Why? To better avoid room nodes and deliver a much less directional performance in the bass, while providing even more headroom for when things get hectic on-screen or in your music.