Unlimited Power. Effortless Speed. Seductive Refinement.
The no compromise power amp leaving no stone unturned.


This proverbial iron fist in a velvet glove allows presentations where everything is in the right space, at the right time, in the right dimension. As the Audionet reference mono block pair, the MAX has the responsibility of showing just what amplification technology is capable of under the most demanding conditions. The fans couldn’t be happier.


Product Description

Featuring Audionet’s Ultra Linear Amplification technology, a MAX pair can drive the largest speakers effortlessly. The MAX drives every speaker with the realism, quickness and transparency expected from live instruments and performers yet rarely heard from electrical components.

Four separate transformers power each controller. All MAX signal paths are entirely free of interfering electromechanical components. Capacitors are also excluded from the small number of signal paths. This increases the responsiveness further by keeping all magnetic interference minimized. Each MAX also has automatic mains phase recognition, discrete voltage regulators, and a bi-wiring terminal with two pairs of WTF nextgen™ pole terminals.

A microprocessor monitors internal parameters such as the high frequency, current, and temperature giving the MAX to disconnect in case of a fault to prevent damage. An additional benefit of having a ‘smart’ amplifier is the ability to integrate into a home network via the Audionet Link for control by Logitech remote or DNx series equipment.


Additional Information

Weight38 kg
Dimensions215 x 285 x 500 mm
Front Panel Finishbrushed aluminium, 10 mm, black anodised with light grey lettering,, brushed aluminium, natural anodised (silver) with black lettering
Displayred or blue
Top Platebrushed aluminium, 6 mm, black anodized
Side Platesbrushed aluminium, 4 mm, black anodized
Chassissteel, 2 mm, black
FeaturesAudionet ULA technology (Ultra-Linear-Amplifier), magnetically and capacitatively optimized construction, signal paths are kept to a minimum, no capacitors and electromechanical components in the signal path, completely DC coupeld, four separate power supplies for controller, input and driving stage and positive and negative operating voltage for the power stage, toroid transformer with 80 VA for the input and driving stage with separate windings for positive and negative operating voltage, two toroid transformer with 1000 VA for positive and negative operating voltage for the power stage, four impulse-stable high-current capacitors with filtering capacity totalling 156,000 uF, discrete, extremely fast and stable driver and output stages, bi-wiring terminal with two pairs of WBT nextgen connectors, remote activation over Audionet Link (optical waveguide) and via input signal (3 switchable sensitivities), timer, large-size, two-line VDF-display, screen saver, automatic mains phase detection, microprocessor unit controls all functions and permanently monitors DC, HF, temperature and overload
Audio Inputs1 WBT RCA line, gold-plated, teflon insulated, 1 XLR balanced, gold-plated
Loudspeaker Outputs2 pair WBT nextgen 4mm-jacks, gold-plated
Remote Activation2 Audionet Links, optical (in- and output)
Output400 W into 8 ohms, 700 W into 4 ohms, 1.100 W into 2 ohms
Frequency Response0 – 500,000 Hz (-3 dB)
Damping Factor> 1.800 @ 10 kHz, > 10.000 @ 100 H
Harmonic Spectrumk2 typ. -117 dB for 25 Watts @ 4 ohms, k3 typ. -123 dB for 25 Watts @ 4 ohms
Intermodulation< -110 dB SMPTE 100 Hz : 20 kHz, 4 : 1, 50 W @ 4 ohms
THD + N< -106 dB at 1 kHz, 25 Watts to 700 Watts @ 4 ohms
SNR> 125 dB
Input Impedancecinch: 37 kOhm, 100 pF, XLR: 3 kOhm, 100 pF
Power Consumptionmax. 2.000 W
Power Requirements120 or 230 V, 50…60 Hz